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Accepted Papers

List of accepted papers

Dennis Huisman: A Column Generation Approach for the Rail Crew Re-Scheduling Problem

Martin Aronsson, Per Kreuger and Jonata Gjerdrum: An Efficient IP Model for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Time Windows

Anita Schöbel and Silvia Schwarze: A Game-Theoretic Approach to Line Planning

George Tsaggouris and Christos Zaroliagis: QoS-aware Multicommodity Flows and Transportation Planning

Marco Campetella, Guglielmo Lulli, Ugo Pietropaoli and Nicoletta Ricciardi: Freight Service Design for the Italian Railways Company

Armin Fügenschuh, Henning Homfeld, Andreas Huck and Alexander Martin: Locomotive and Wagon Scheduling in Freight Transport

Evangelos Bampas, Georgia Kaouri, Michael Lampis and Aris Pagourtzis: Periodic Metro Scheduling

Mads Hofman, Line Madsen, Julie Jespersen Groth, Jens Clausen and Jesper Larsen: Robustness and Recovery in Train Scheduling - a Case Study from DSB S-tog a/s

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