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Call for Papers

ESA 2006

ESA 2006
14th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms

11-13 September 2006

ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich


The symposium covers research in the use, design and analysis of efficient algorithms and data structures in computer science, discrete applied mathematics, operations research and mathematical programming. It has two tracks, which deal respectively with:

  • the design and mathematical analysis of algorithms (the "Design and Analysis" track);
  • real-world applications, engineering and experimental analysis of algorithms (the "Engineering and Applications" track).

ESA 2006 is sponsored by EATCS (the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science) and organized in the context of ALGO 2006.


Papers presenting original research in all areas of algorithmic research are sought, including but not limited to:

  • Algorithmic Aspects of Networks
  • Approximation and On-line Algorithms
  • Computational Biology
  • Computational Finance and Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Computational Geometry
  • Data Structures
  • Databases and Information Retrieval
  • External-Memory Algorithms
  • Graph and Network Algorithms
  • Graph Drawing
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile and Distributed Computing
  • Pattern Matching and Data Compression
  • Quantum Computing
  • Randomized Algorithms

The algorithms may be sequential, distributed or parallel.

Submissions are especially encouraged in the areas of mathematical programming and operations research, including Combinatorial Optimization, Integer Programming, Polyhedral Combinatorics and Network Optimization.


Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract or full paper of at most 12 pages. The paper should contain a succinct statement of the issues and of their motivation, a summary of the main results, and a brief explanation of their significance, accessible to non-specialist readers. Proofs omitted due to space constraints must be put into an appendix to be read by the program committee members at their discretion.

Papers must be submitted electronically:

Authors of papers that include an experimental aspect can make supporting source code or data sets available on a webpage (referenced in the submitted paper) or send them by e-mail to; such supporting files will be considered by the program committee members at their discretion. Authors of accepted papers will be encouraged to contribute such supporting code or data files to the new JEA Research Code Repository.

Simultaneous submission to other conferences with published proceedings, or to both tracks of ESA 2006, is not permitted. A paper submitted to one track of ESA 2006 may be switched to the other track if, in the opinion of the PC chairs, the paper is better suited to the other track. Authors are expected to present their accepted papers at the conference.

Best Student Paper Award

ESA 2006 offers the EATCS award for the best student paper at ESA 2006. Please indicate "student paper" on the front page of the submission if all authors are students.


Accepted papers will be published in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Each paper will receive an allotment of 12 pages in the proceedings in LNCS-style. Previous proceedings of ESA, 2001 in Aarhus, 2002 in Rome, 2003 in Budapest, 2004 in Bergen, and 2005 in Mallorca, appeared as LNCS 2161, 2461, 2832, 3221 and 3669. Previous proceedings of the precursor to the Engineering and Applications track, the Workshop on Algorithm Engineering, held in 1999 in London, 2000 in Saarbruecken and 2001 in Aarhus, appeared as LNCS 1668, 1982 and 2141.

Program Committees

Design and Analysis Track

  • Pankaj Agarwal, Duke University
  • Lars Arge, University of Aarhus
  • Yossi Azar, Tel-Aviv University (Chair)
  • Nikhil Bansal, IBM T.J. Watson
  • Allan Borodin, University of Toronto
  • Martin Dyer, University of Leeds
  • Dimitris Fotakis, University of Aegean
  • Magnus M Halldorsson, University of Iceland
  • Monika Henzinger, Google & ETH Lausanne
  • Tibor Jordan, Eotvos University, Budapest
  • Jan Karel Lenstra, CWI, Amsterdam
  • Yishay Mansour, Tel-Aviv University
  • Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, University of Paderborn
  • Alessandro Panconesi, University La Sapienza, Rome
  • Rob van Stee, Karlsruhe University
  • Mariette Yvinec, INRIA Sophia Antipolis

Engineering and Applications Track

  • Edoardo Amaldi, Politecnico di Milano
  • Leah Epstein, University of Haifa
  • Thomas Erlebach, University of Leicester (Chair)
  • Lene Favrholdt, University of Southern Denmark
  • Alexander Hall, ETH Zurich
  • Dan Halperin, Tel-Aviv University
  • Ulrich Meyer, MPI-INF Saarbrücken
  • Rolf Niedermeier, University of Jena
  • Cliff Stein, Columbia University
  • Roberto Tamassia, Brown University
  • Suresh Venkatasubramanian, AT&T

Important Dates

Submissions: April 15, 2006
Notifications: May 31, 2006
Final version: June 26, 2006
Workshop: September 11-13, 2006

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